Wednesday, January 24, 2007

chamki, you are famous

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Went to see them last week. beauty. agility. strength. expression.

Journalling faces

a recent journal page...well, not so recent. just got around to scanning them recently. for more of these pages, go here.
the poem on it is Lonely Hearts by Wendy Cope.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Letter in 3 Stanzas

Dear A,
Are you as afraid to say
as I am?
Has it ceased to you to mean just
or something that
loves, feels, can be touched
by random kindness?
Have you started to look
at it
as an
that may stop beating
next year?
If mine stops beating
and yours is really close
to it,
can it be
yours can beat for both?
A beating heart
such an intimate thing.
like faces
in love and fear.
- in a certain context

random musings

A string of posts today. Just feels like one of those days that I have so much to say!
Reading Erica Jong so always plenty to say on that, owing to that.

" Molly is more important than my writing. Any child is."

yes, children are.
because we bring them into this world.
because they don't ask to be born.
because you're all they have.
because they can't make it alone.

another bit from the book:

" i promise unwavering love while you experiment with hate"

says Jong to Molly in her book. Such a lovely thing to say. giving someone you love the freedom to hate you. promising love, still. allowing them to form an opinion. allowing them back in lovingly, openly, immediately. a different dimension to today's love and loving.

"does love necessarily have a gender?"

Jong in a note on homosexuality. i find comfort in this. that there are more people thinking about this. humanising this. accepting this. i feel sexual orientation is different from love. love is humanising. calling a form of affection "gay", is, in many ways, an attempt to dehumanise.
people are people.
not gay. straight. lesbian. jew.proliteriat.

Friday, January 19, 2007



My date-with-self day. i wrote to chamki. i wrote to abhishek. i drew. i walked. i photographed. and now its time to sip some coffee and write for me.

This is a catching up post for my own reflection more than anything else, but feel free to read and see what i've been up to.

  • naina came to mumbai. met her for a day. half a day. nice. but not as intimate nor as momentous as i'd have imagined. why did i think it wouls be momentous? i don't know. comfortable, yes. but with a gap, i think. naina, i never want to lose touch with you!
  • taniya the bitch finally got something from me in the mail. a little drawing. a little writing. a lot of love. bitch, i hope you know that.
  • chamki came to nepal. and now we are sisters. the rest is not history as they would have said. but an ever deepening philosophy. Chamki, you have something waiting for you.
  • bani asked if i could do the storyline and script for an animation. bani, thanks for thinking of me, and i hope i do you justice!
  • mail art has been paused for a while now, in favour of personal creation, and giving art to friends and family. mail artists, a little patience. you will have art your way soon!
  • Tommy Kane got fan mail from me. lol. (and replied!)