Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Gori and Bruno

A mixture of Gori and Bruno Posted by Picasa

Testing the Waters with my S5


Among the first few pictures with the NIKON S5. Pictures of home and Dad cooking with Kanchi waiting expectantly.

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Diwali Pictures are always so beautifully radiant. Posted by Picasa


This here is the bird of paradise in the back garden. They are so strikingly beautiful!

Photo by Bhots Posted by Picasa


Snapshots of our suddenly planned-or unplanned:)-dinner at Tamura. Complete with the creative origami endeavors of daddy and mummy. Posted by Picasa


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Adorable Asmi and Smartie Sanskar at school Posted by Picasa


Old China White pictures from dad and mom's anniversary. Happy Anniversary :)

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Friday, October 27, 2006

conversation hoggers


Are people who:

Talk louder than the next person so they’re heard better and can out-converse the next person.

Interrupt mid-conversation and then talk louder than you.

Talk in the middle of everyone else’s sentences and ideas.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sunday, October 22, 2006

new paint bottles adding colour to my life, my journal, and my blog

my new muse

this is the book i'm starting to read today. if it moves me, inspires me, you'll be hearing a lot about this in the coming week.

chai chai chai

explaining my links

BRUSHSTROKES is my project and ideas blog. go there if you want ideas to create and write and fun swaps and exchanges.

The Kalimpong Diaries, is a collaborative blog by pallavi, chamki and me. its just recent and progress and posting is slow..but its getting there. :)

pallavi is a friend. her blog is mostly writing, thought process and reflection.

chamki is also a friend. her blog is images and moods and disconnected sentences.

everyday matters is the brilliant, wholly absorbing weblog by danny gregory with notes on life and art and everything in between. some great illustrations and ideas.

drawn is the ultimate illustrators link resource centre!

the braille have to see for yourself what it is to understand how fabulous it is- bot as an idea and a reality.

wish jar journal is keri smith's blog.she is an illustrator i have admired for ages! an inspiration!

teesha moore...well, teesha moore is one of my original muses. from her art journals to the collages and artfests! a must see re her journal pages!!

52 projects is just great! you must visit it! its a list of some of the coolest projects on the net!

Wild Mood Swings
is just the coolest idea ever! whatever mood you are in, go in there and have a look!

Richard's Blog is a blog full of travel in France and around the world with extensive lists of travel blogs, photo blogs and fun blogs!

Crafty Girl and Creative Collage both belong to artist Kelly Angard and have heaps of inspiration. a must visit for me all the time! :)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

dew drops at dawn

by: mohit

a cup-o-cafe latte


there's asmi just home from school, getting her thrill playing with gori.

IDEAS for the creatively starved

* write an entire journal in haikus- capturing only i.m.a.g.e.s., moods, feelings of all your experiences.

* write a journal entry with as many different (unusual) mediums as possible: leaves, fingers, sponges, nailpolish, chalk, ash, mud, lipstick.. see the t.e.x.t.u.r.e.s. and effects they give you. hint: try and make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible. :)

* "and why should love stop at the border?" RESPOND to this.

* write a love note to someone in images, colour and writing. mail it.

* carry your j.o.u.r.n.a.l. with you. every little while- every stoplight, every coffee break, every half hour...- take your journal out and sketch one thing you see from where you're sitting/standing. i did this yesterday and i sketched: a fabric rack with cloth rolls, my dog's expression, my breakfast, my computer screen, the view from my car window, .... etc. :) when you get home, paint/fill in colour into the pages.

* paint, collage, and crayon your pages. do pages and pages till your creativity lasts. for as many days as it lasts. when you're done, start using these pages as journal pages..record for journal-ish entries around the images on your art pages, try and alter the sizing and fonts of your writing to suit the mood of the page.

* write letters in
unusual paper shapes and sizes: write in long thin strips, in triangles, in circles.

* for interesting journalling and art prompts, look through the interview section of magazines. pick questions that stimulate your imagination, cut it out and paste it to the top of your page. respond in the rest of the page.

* reproduce a photograph you love in loose watercolour

* write love letters in:

* more a hurry right now. wait for an update and some scans. :)
Bhots and Asmi in my room.
I hink the best thing we can do to those we love, is be acessible to them. so they may feel understood, and loved, and not alone.

asmi colouring in grid squares.

Monday, October 09, 2006

the primary thing in art
is not to draw accurately
but to be able to imagine.