Monday, April 23, 2007

Update on the Good Life

Morning session of Yoga over, made little tougher today. and that much more s.a.t.i.s.f.y.i.n.g. Made breakfast with dad, had our morning chat-dad, mom, Bhots and me- and picked my morning cup of coffee to join me at my desk.
The average start of a day in the good life.
Lots of laughter.
Getting chased up the stairs by Bhots.
New blogs explored.
New friends made.
Lots of writing.
Much art.
Not afraid to try something new.
Last time I was home, Chamki was here. Thinking of you, Chamki, while I'm typing this in the study with kanchi asleep on my feet. Its still chilly, mostly. And pleasant when it isn't chilly.Check Uberglucklich for more things to make you go grrrrrrr[Chamki].

Chamki, this photo is for you- memories of costa coffee from "Dehli" trip last time. This is dad pouring out his sugar.

Today is a busy day.

The morning is to be spent arranging the prints of Vijit Dai's wedding. Then is lunch at his place. Then Asmi gets over with school and comes home. From then till 6pm I'm her personal secretary. Then she leaves and I make some art, do some writing, take some photos, maybe a w.a.l.k. or some matwork.

So here's what I've been up to online:

Updated my flickr with photos of asmi. My desk was a mess with all the things I had to do online today so I thought I'd show the world just where I write these posts everyday. You can see that here.Posted some of the great mail art I've received onto flickr as well. Am so trilled with them!!

Brushstrokes got an update about the journal I'm going to send out a.c.r.o.s.s. .t.h.e. .w.o.r.l.d. to anyone who wants to make their marks on it. Got several emails in response. Waiting for a few more and then the journal will leave Nepal to the first person who mailed me.

Went through the pile of gorgeous mailart I received while I was away. Plan to start relplying to some of them today.

This is one of my SoulCollage cards. I've been meaning to upload them for ages and today they have finally gone up on my flickr. Only one small group of them has made it there today. But more to come soon.
This one is from my Committee Suit.

I don't have all my suits decided. This one I think will go in my Council Suit. More of my SoulCollage cards are here.

P.S. the card on top, in the first photo is the card for Abundantia, Goddess of Abundance and Prosperity taken from the Goddess Deck by Doreen Virtue.
It feels particularly relevant to me right now. I feel so blessed and comfortable! :)


Devil Mood said...

I think the Goddess of Abundance must have blessed you :)
So many things, so much excitement, so many ideas!
Is your sign Air (Gemini, Aquarius?. LibrA?)...but your enthusiasm makes me think of Firy signs too. :)
I adore that mail-art :)

MAHIMA said...

devil mood,
yes, i do feel blesses at the moment.
many answered prayers.
much inspiration.
and ever growing connections.
well, i'm sagitarian. so fire.
but i'm at the cusp: 20th dec. so i may not be completely fire. lol.
yes, maybe i'm more fire.
maybe airy for all the dreamy idealism?

Devil Mood said...

Me too!!! I'm from december 14th ;)
We're having a Jupiter blessing this year so it should be really productive and - the perfect word - abundant!!

Jen said...

Hi! don't know much about soul you make a collage from whatever you are drawn to in the moment?

The one with the woman being showered...with smaller image which seems to come from her joy.

I see in some of your cards...nature and connection

The one with the not-so-blind justice is interesting to me...the woman looking over her shoulder and the expression on the woman just above and behind her...are not of one feeling only...there is a to did you feel when you made it?

MAHIMA said...

ahhh. that explains it! this sudden burst of creative productivity and perfect timing!!
:) :)

good to hear from you after so long!!!!
well, soul cards are a system of cards actualy. but they are pretty flexible.
in short:
four suits, you can add your own as well:
committee: cards that represent you or aspects of your personality. like anger or fear, and loving.
community: cards for people and things that influence your life in a positive way.
council: cards for archetypes like death and truth. you can vsit caroline myss's website at for info on some 70 archetypes and take ideas for cards.
companion- cards for animal helpers.
the process:
cut card into whatever size you want your cards to be.
keep a stack of magazines. you can think of a particular suit or card while you do this.
and without giving the images any consious thought just pick whatever makes you look at it.
a colour. a texture. a face. an eye. a completely unrelated something else.
use the same sort of process for sticking your images. layer. cover. layer stop what you like.
i find this process gives better access to an inner self that is blocked with too much conscious thought and planning.
you can see he kaleidosoul website for more details or visit seena frost's website.
the woman in the shower...i love this card. it feels so free, liberated. even happy and blessed.
the other one, with the justice has many images of seeing more clearly, i realised after i made the card and did an exercise with it.
the touch light.
opening the blindfold.

Jen said...

thanks for information :)